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How much will a slip and fall injury cost me?

by | Sep 17, 2020

Slip and Fall Accidents (1)

The data sources will necessarily vary slightly, but CDC data show that in 2018, 

  • Over $3.9 billion was spent on medical costs (in Florida alone) related to fall injuries.
  • U.S. families spent $754 million on fall-related deaths.

At the individual level, but picture is no rosier. The total cost to a person to recover from a slip and fall injury will be a mix of the medical costs, the lost wages and time off of work, and the reduced quality of life.

The most recent data available from the CDC estimate that $40,000 is the average cost of a hospitalization to treat a slip and fall injury. On top of that, victims saw lost work costs of $56,000 on average (in 2010-dollars). Based on the CDC estimates, a slip and fall accident could easily cost you around $100,000!

Critically, these estimates do not include the third variable: quality of life. If you lost the ability to coach your son’s little league team or couldn’t care for your aging parent, your life would be negatively impacted, but there wouldn’t be an easily assignable price tag.

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