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How much is my truck accident worth?

by | Jun 9, 2021

Despite what you might think based on most lawyer advertisements and billboards, it’s impossible to give exact figures for how much a truck accident victim can recover because each victim’s losses and damages are different and will be determined by the facts of the case. The better question to ask is “what types of damages can I recover?” 

Truck accident victims have the right to sue the at-fault parties for economic (“special”) and non-economic (“general”) damages. Punitive damages could also be on the table in extreme cases, but you should talk to a lawyer to discuss that option.

Economic damages are your compensation for the out-of-pocket expenses related to the injuries you sustained in the truck accident. They include:

  • medical bills,
  • lost wages, or
  • property damage.

Non-economic damages are harder to quantify, and often include future harms or injuries that lack specific “replacement” values. Values are given to these items by their impact on your quality of life:

  • loss of capacity to earn,
  • loss of consortium (companionship or familial love),
  • pain and suffering.

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