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Can I get compensation for my toxic mold injuries?

by | Jun 9, 2021

Yes, tenants have the right to compensation for injuries sustained from exposure to toxic mold.

However, the presence of mold is not a sufficient condition for a lawsuit—there must also be quantifiable losses or damages. Although dealing with a mold infestation or an uncaring landlord may be frustrating and potentially harmful, neither frustration nor future damages are good causes for a lawsuit. To oversimplify greatly, “no damages, no case.”

If you have suffered sizeable financial losses or lasting medical injuries as a result of exposure to mold, then you may have a strong basis for filing a personal injury claim. Given that toxic mold injury claims are difficult, you should do everything you can to properly preserve and document your claim.

  1. Take pictures of the mold and water damage before any mold remediation is done.
  2. Hire a state-licensed mold assessor or inspector to do a comprehensive inspection of your residence.
  3. Notify the landlord or condo association in writing as early as possible about the mold problem.
  4. See a medical professional who can assess your health problems.
  5. Keep detailed records of sick days, medical bills, or other expenses to prove you suffered damages.

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