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Unhappy? Fire Your Personal Injury Lawyer

When you hire a personal injury lawyer after a serious accident, you are putting your trust—and in a way your life— in their hands. It’s absolutely vital that you hire a personal injury lawyer that you know, like, and trust. Unfortunately, many, many people only...

How to Pick the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve been seriously injured in an accident. You know you should hire a personal injury attorney to handle your case, but you’re worried that you might pick the wrong one. This is one of the most consequential decisions you’ve ever had to make, and it will have...

5 Dirty Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Not Pay You

When someone gets into an accident, people often say: “I hope they have insurance!” This implies that the insurance company will help the injured person fix the situation. But whether it’s car, home, or health insurance, you should always remember that insurance...

Can I Afford to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

We often hear from clients that they didn’t seek out legal representation or hesitated to contact a lawyer for a previous accident because they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to afford a personal injury lawyer. It’s easy to see why accident victims may balk...

What Exactly Is Legal “Negligence”?

Everyone seems to have an intuitive understanding of what constitutes “negligent” behavior. But like so many other terms, “negligence” bears a specific and technical meaning in the legal world that few non-lawyers fully appreciate. Understanding the legal definition...

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