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You Are Our Primary Focus

We represent injury victims across South Florida and the tri-county area. Our clients are often burdened by serious injuries and soaring medical bills, not to mention the psychological and emotional pain that comes with traumatic events. We are committed to providing compassionate and quality legal services so you can fully recover from your injuries—physically, emotionally, and financially.

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Understanding and Compassion

If you are here, it’s likely that you or someone you love is going through a very traumatic time. At best you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident, hurt in a slip and fall accident, or received improper medical care; at worst someone you love has died due to another’s negligence. People suffering through times like these deserve a personal injury law firm that treats them as a person and not as a point on a data sheet.

Know Who You’re Working With

We’ve all seen the billboards peppering the roads across Florida advertising personal injury law firms. It’s usually a huge picture of a stern-looking lawyer and a number of set phrases. However, when you hire one of these mass-advertising, high-volume law firms, you will likely get passed off to a case manager or someone else. We don’t mass advertise and we don’t pass you off to someone else at our firm. When you hire Brandon Labiner or Paul Labiner to handle your case, you will actually work with them.

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Clients Aren’t Statistics

Some personal injury firms like to flaunt their case settlements. Some even go so far as to make them the primary focus of their websites. Leaving aside that the facts of the case actually determine the amount of damages, these high-volume firms often care more about “padding their stats” than their client’s wellbeing. They accept lower settlement offers to ensure a positive outcome that they can use in their ads. We don’t believe our clients are statistics. Our clients have suffered a major injury or have lost a loved one due to negligence, and we think they deserve respect and empathy.

Protecting Your Rights and Interests

As personal injury lawyers, we know that insurance companies have highly trained teams protecting their interests. We want you to know that you deserve to have your rights and your interests protected as well. By hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle your case, you greatly increase your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve and achieving a favorable resolution to your case.

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